Connecticut Parachutists, Inc. offers tandem jumps to introduce students into the solo training programs. It is the most exciting and safest method for training someone to make their first jump. Training generally takes less than 30 minutes, and, depending on a number of variables, a student may spend only half a day for the training and the jump. Both the student and the instructor are attached to the same parachute system. They freefall together from up to 2 miles above the earth. After the parachute is open they descend together under a single large parachute with dual controls. Enjoy the fantastic view with your feet dangling over 4,000 ft. in the air! Connecticut Parachutists, Inc. uses the most advanced equipment for student jumping. Being a club allows us to invest large amounts of money into our equipment, leaving us with only the best and newest equipment available to students.

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"What an adventure. At 55 I wasn't sure if this was what I really should be doing. The drive to Ellington was certainly full of anxiety. But after arriving at the jump center & having to wait a while, anxiety quickly turn to being anxious. Watching so many land with the softness of a feather drifting to the ground & jumping up in joy with thrilled cheers truly helped change my fears. Tandem participants before me included a 69 year old retire bank exec & his son, a 37 y/o gal who got the jump as a birthday present & a freshman from UConn who has been here only 3 weeks from China. Watching the range of folks return safely & exhilarated truly took most fears away & really got me excited to go. My 'backpack' was Larry, an instructor with over 2500 jumps. Well, to say the least....13,500'....a quick push...falling at 162mph for about 60 seconds & then a 5 minute glide home was amazing. Larry pointed out all the sites & truly calmed any fears that may have lingered. Bottom line.....an experience that cannot be replaced or forgotten! A must for all!!!! "

Brian Reich

"Skydiving was everything everyone who had done it said it would be. I loved every minute, even stepping out of "a perfectly good airplane." I had complete confidence in my tandem instructor, Mike Haas, which made my first jump a great experience and an awesome memory to keep for my 50th birthday. I'm hooked!"

Kathy Kelting

"Totally indescribable. “The Sky is the limit”....For now! Thanks for the fulfillment of a life time dream.... You ALL at CPI rock!!!!!!!!"



Share the experience with others, and remember it for a lifetime with a video of your experience. We offer mutliple video and stills packages to choose from. Choose from hand cam video video to professional outside videographer video

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