Learn To Skydive

Student Program

Student training at Connecticut Parachutists is designed with one goal in mind: to help you earn your USPA “A” License. All unlicensed skydivers are required to complete the entire student training program before they skydive with other jumpers. It takes a minimum of 25 jumps to obtain your license. Make your reservations early; classes are limited. Classes are held regardless of the weather.

AFF Student Landing from skydive in CT

The program begins with a 6-8 hour ground class with a limited enrollment of only 6 students. The class will build your confidence, increase your understanding of skydiving, introduce you to the equipment, and prepare you for your first solo skydive. By testing each student individually before the jump, we ensure that you are ready for the challenge. The cost for the First Jump Course includes classroom time, training materials, gear rental, and your first jump with 2 Instructors. The total program cost is approximately $3800.00. Repeat jumps and additional training may be required which will increase the overall price. See the price list for additional jump prices.


Wed Jul 31st & Thu Aug 1st
Class Time: 5:00pm
Jumping Dates: Sat 08/03, Sun 08/04, Sat 08/10, Sun 08/11

Accelerated Freefall (AFF)

The Accelerated Freefall method of training includes practical instruction on the climb-out and exit of the aircraft, freefall, canopy flight, landing, and emergency procedures.

CPI's AFF Program emphasizes safety and awareness, while allowing you to more quickly acquire the skills needed to perform advanced skydives. By freefalling from higher altitudes and opening your own parachute from your first jump, the rate of learning is much greater. You will need at least 25 skydives to earn your USPA “A” license, which will allow you to jump almost anywhere in the world. The entire AFF program is conducted in accordance with the United States Parachute Association Integrated Student Program (ISP).

During Your AFF Training

  • Wear, deploy and operate your own parachute system, using a state-of-the art Ram-Air Canopy, much like the one used on your Tandem Jump.
  • Exit the aircraft from an altitude over 2 miles above the earth.
  • Freefall with two AFF Instructors for 45 to 60 seconds
  • Perform assigned maneuvers, through which you will gain understanding of aircraft exits, altitude awareness, freefall body position and control, by utilizing hand signals for freefall communication
  • Deploy your own parachute!
  • Learn to fly your own parachute to a safe landing.

The First Jump Course

To make your first AFF Category A Jump, you will be required to complete a First Jump Course that takes approximately 8 hours. The course will teach you everything you need to make your first AFF skydive. The ground school is broken up into 2 nights, usually held during the week. You will then make your first jump that weekend. After the initial FJC you will come out each weekend and be trained for your successive jumps (approximately 1 hour), and then you will make your skydive. Students are encouraged to make multiple jumps each day.