Why CPI?

Compare Before You Dare

Connecticut Parachutists offers the best Skydiving Experience in all of New England. People in the know jump at Connecticut Parachutists. Here's why:

    • We offer both outside and inside video.
    • Outside video is where the videographer jumps with you and can takes full 360 degree video and stills, getting excellent exit shots, freefall and landing.
    • Inside video is a GoPro attached to the Tandem Instructor's hand that get close up shots from exit to landing. You will get over 50 stills and a professionally edited video of your experience to remember forever.

    Connecticut Parachutists operates a Cessna Caravan*, a modern high performance aircraft which can haul you and 11 other jumpers to altitude safely, comfortably and fast! You will be able to jump with your buddies (in most cases) and watch other skydivers prepare and exit the aircraft. *(Note: Caravan operates April thru November. CPI also owns and operates smaller piston aircraft in the off-season and weekday operations.)


    Connecticut Parachutists has been training students just like you for over fifty years! We have an enviable safety record as parachuting and skydiving pioneers who have helped make skydiving (and skydive training) what it is today.

  • STAFF:

    Connecticut Parachutists members and staff are among the best in the world. We are home to numerous world and national skydiving, wingsuiting and parachuting champions, world-class competitors, skydiving world record holders and former members of the U.S. Army Golden Knights Parachute Team. Our most recent champions, FlatSpin, brought home the Gold medal from the 2016 FAI World Cup of Wingsuit Acrobatic Flying.


    Connecticut Parachutists has one of the best Accelerated Freefall training programs available anywhere, which include Power Point slide lessons, customized training manuals, and the latest in skydiving equipment.

  • FUN:

    Connecticut Parachutists is a not-for-profit skydiving club, whose staff are members, and want you to have the most enjoyable skydiving experience in the hopes that you too may make it your number one hobby. Join us for the fun, and the thrill of a lifetime!


    Connecticut Parachutisits is the longest running Skydiving Center in CT. We have been operating at Ellington Airport for over 45 years. We are the 2nd oldest Skydiving Club in the country, over 50 years old. We are proud members of the United States Parachute Association and all are Staff are USPA certified instructors. We love the sport of skydiving and hope you will too.