CPI Tandem Testimonials

"This was my second jump with skydiveCT. I can't recommend this organization enough. Beyond professional but also kind and funny. Willing and able to deal with the nerves that their clients face before jumping. Both times I've jumped I've felt completely prepared and educated before, during and after the jump which honestly makes the experience that much more fulfilling. Thank you SkyDiveCT; I can't wait to jump with you again. "


"Don't over think it. Follow what your instructor tells you. It will be an amazing experience!! Ramsey was awesome and I will definitely be back again. "


"Decided to take the "plunge" to celebrate my 57th birthday with my son and his girlfriend. While the fear was real for me the ease in which we were treated created a really wild and fun experience. Have to say that made the difference between this just being a bucket list item crossed off to a freaking awesome adventure that I want to do again. It was so beautiful up there, being able to see a small part of our planet was incredible. Mike was my instructor and my review pretty much says its all about what I think of him! "


"Skydiving has been on my bucket list for a few years so when the opportunity finally came I couldn't wait. It was a week before my 40th birthday and it was one of the most nerve wrecking exciting experiences ever!! It was such a rush I went back two weeks later to do it again! All of the staff at CPI were terrific.Thank you for the laughs and the amazing experience. Can't wait to see you all again! "

Tanya B

"Absolutely the best experience I have had in my entire life! Thanks to jumpmaster Chris aka. TACO for such an amazing experience and great conversations while coming down from the sky to a nice and smooth landing. Also thank you to my video photographer for getting my first jump on video! Would absolutely do it again!!!"

Antonio vallati

"My first jump was a 50th birthday gift from my husband. It was on my bucket list and still is...I'm addicted! This past weekend my 28 year old daughter and I jumped together. It was my 5th time, her first. She loved it!! It was so much fun to share the experience with her. Each jump has been better than the last and I can't wait to do it again! Thank you Russian Mike and Walt for making our time in the sky so amazing!! "


"I took my first, and unfortunately only tandem jump last sun. After I did it and loved it I was told I could not do it again because it wasn't safe for me. I have MS and I guess cannot put my legs up high enough for landing. But I've heard of many other disabled people who have done this. Right now I am exercising my legs to try and be able to raise them higher. I hope I will be able to do it again in the future. For all that are physically able it was one of the most thrilling things I have ever done. "

Louise Beach

"O.K. my bud put me up to it.. 30+ times for him .. thanks to Scott my jump master and videographer AND the smooth flying job of Bob..will I do it again ?? ...Y E S ! …Its been almost 2 weeks now and the thoughts are continuously stuck in my head. THANK YOU ALL AT CPI FOR THE EXPERIENCE !"

Kevin Lefelar

"O.K. so my friend put me up to jumping…. he has been 30+ times… I will never second guess jumping again . It has been almost 2 weeks now … I still can't get it out of my head. To all of the staff (made me feel comfortable) my awesome jump master and videographer..Scott. A smooth experienced pilot…Bob… Thank you at CPI for my unforgettable experience. Kev L."

Kevin Lefelar

"An amazing experience. The instructors were great and very reassuring for first time jumpers. Can't wait to go again!"


"By far the best experience of my life. Can't wait to come back and do it again!"

Brittany Turiano

"Wow! BEST experience of my life! Professional, fun staff made it worthwhile and fear is not an option! I'm signing up for the second jump as we speak."

Matt Miller

"Had a blast,I'll be back for another jump before the months out."

Chris Parkhurst

"Andrew was incredible. He did the things I asked and made sure I was prepared. Keith did an awesome job videoing the experience. For me, once exiting the plane, was surreal. The free fall is an incredible experience. You just want to look at the ground and absorb the landscape. Once the chute opens, you feel at peace with yourself. I highly recommend jumping with Connecticut Parachutists. They are the best. I'm looking into becoming a licensed instructor. Thanks again to Andrew and Keith for making my Fathers Day special for me. I cannot forget whom gave the gift of jumping, My lovely wife and son, Vivian and Jason. Thank You and Love You for giving the best experience of my life. "

James G. Chartier

"At 65 I started my Bucket List, and skydiving was No.1. My son accompanied me. It was definitely the scariest thing I've ever done in my entire mundane life; and what a thrilling and unforgettable experience it turned out to be for both of us.!! My instructor, Mike, was funny and reassuring at the same time. Paul went with Chris. They both joked around with us to ease our anxiety. But for those who are prone to motion sickness (warning) be sure to take Dramamine before your jump! It didn't help either that I'd donated blood 2 days before either (duh)! But I'm still up for at least one more dive - I promised my daughter: got to be fair about these things. Thanks, Mike for an amazing experience. Let's do it again sometime! Barbara"

Barbara & Paul

"This was an awesome experience, definitively on the do it again list. My instructor "Taco" was awesome along with my camera man. Thank you guys for making the experience of a lifetime"


"This was by far one of the best experiences of my life. My instructor Chris and camera guy Keith were incredible!! They made the entire experience fun and something I wanted to do again as soon as I hit the ground! All of the workers were extremely friendly and helpful, I would recommend this for any first time or returning skydivers...amazing job!! "


"This was amazing. Awesome photography, awesome instructor, and had a breathtaking experience! Definitely going back! Thank you to my instructor and camera man for making it an unforgettable time. "

Ryan wahab

"It was the experience of a lifetime. I can't wait to go again!"

Linda A. Abbott

" Everyone was friendly, most welcoming, and considerate as possible. Mike was awesome, and the entire experience was the best ever! I had no fear, it was my first jump, and I can imagine no place with a better vibe and more helpful, wonderful people!"

debbie malone

"My son, daughter and I went for a tandem jump for the first time on Saturday. All of the staff were great, they made you feel very comfortable and had great senses of humor. The instructors have a great deal of experience, explained everything to you, let you know step by step what to expect, what we would do, and made the experience an event to never forget! We all loved it, it was wonderful! We will be back in the fall for the foliage. "


"MOST AMAZING EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE! I'm scared to death of heights, I always have been. For my 40th Birthday my Boyfriend surprised me and told me the morning of that we were skydiving. I was not excited to say the least but I went and I'm addicted!!! It was so amazing! Highly recommend it and everyone there is so friendly and really put me at ease! Can't wait to go again!"


"In one word my skydiving experience was, EPIC! Loved my jump master, John. It was the best day in a long time. Much needed. "


"My experience doing a tandem skydive for the first time was incredible! The people there make you feel very comfortable! I can't describe the feeling but I recommend everyone does it at some point in their lifetime. I would definitely go again :) thank you!!!"

Jessica Shumway

"It was my first tandem jump & it was awesome! The instructor was great! All the staff made it so much fun! I can't wait to go again! Best experience ever!! "


"Good experiences and later I will come again. "


"Great time highly recommend CT Parachutists, thank you Jon (Doc) Instructor & Chris (Photo's) I will be back "


"My Wife and I made our first tandom skydive and what a great experience it was. Our instructors Mike and John make you relax with there humor and joking around. We have great video and still photography shots. My favorite shoot is of me and John right after we exited the plane and our photographer took a picture of us and the underneath of the plane with the saying on the plane "Skies the Limit" though I think it should say " A Perfectly Good Plane!"


"My first tandem was the most exciting time I've ever had. We had a small weather delay, which everyone kept us up to date on. I can't say enough good about the staff! They made me feel so comfortable and secure that I barely was nervous. Mike was my jump master and I couldn't have asked for a more pleasant, even keeled, funny person. Dave did my video/stills and they came out great! I'm hooked and can't wait to dive again!"


"Had a blast ! So much so , I signed up for another jump after my first tandem . My instructor and tandem partner Jack was very enthusiastic and made me feel confident and comfortable. Everyone on your staff was very pleasant and knowledgeable. Overall a great experience! Cannot wait for my next jump !!"

Bob Egan

"Skydiving was such a fun and amazing experience. Everyone was extremely friendly and pleasant to be around. They also made you feel comfortable about skydiving, even if they weren't your instructor. Definitely want to do it again!"


"This club is top notch- I have jumped 3 times with them and it never gets old! They are consummate professionals and make you feel safe and excited to jump. I recommend anyone who wants to jump for the first time has to do it here!"


"I'm 70 and have wanted to jump for the past 30 years. Everyone kept telling me don't do it, you must be crazy to want to do it.i finally thought what are you waiting for 90?. The rest is history. I was so excited to be jumping that I had no fear. Walt my tandem guy and Alfonso my video guy made me fell so secure that I was free of all worry. On a scale of 1-10 it was a 15. It exceeded all my dreams. This did not get checked off my bucket list, it is now on to do every year until I no longer can. Thank you to Becky who recommended CPI. Absolutely the best."


" It was a lot of fun,we jumped from 13,000,freefalling at 147 MPH to 5,000 & then whirling around the skies before coming in for a easy landing.Walt was very comforting & I had full confidence in him. I can't imagine doing that whirling on my own,but maybe,someday."

rick baldwin

"My husband and I each had a fantastic experience here! We purchased the Groupon and were able to schedule online as soon as 2 weeks after I bought it. All of the waivers were done online and we were able to watch videos as well. All the information on their website is accurate and very easy to understand and navigate through. Our tandem instructors, Mark and Justin, were awesome! They were enthusiastic, super friendly, and we could tell that they love what they do. They explained everything in a clear and concise manner and had no problem answering any questions or concerns that we had. The photographer/videographer, Keith, was very friendly and great as well- he even gave me tips on where to look, where he will be, etc so he is able to take the best pictures. I highly recommend coming here and I look forward to my next jump!"

Jodi Wolf

"I am 67 years old and recently completed my seventh tandem jump at CPI. I'm hoping to make my eighth tandem before the end of this year. Obviously, I love the thrill of jumping. Most people I know would never skydive. They don't know what they're missing! Thanks, CPI! "

Paula Luna

"most amazing thing I've ever done in my life. Walt was great, let you know what was coming so there were no surprises. I am planning on doing a few more tandems then going off on my own :) thank you so much CPI! look forward to seeing you soon! "


"I had a phenomenal experience with my instructor Brian. He was a really relaxed dude that made it easier for me to enjoy the experience!"


"Jump of a lifetime !!!! Wow i was so freaked out initially but it was awesome... Thanks to Walt my instructor for making me feel safe and comfortable.. Am sorry to say that am little disappointed with the photos when i compare with others who jumped with me and on your website(yet to see the video though).. However I definitely wanna do it again. Thanks skydivect and a big shout for Walt Machalick.."


"Most incredible experience ever,my instructor Mike was awesome !! I highly recommend CPI-Ellington to anyone interested in doing so."

Jafar t.

"Very professional and skilled staff. It was an experience of a lifetime. I never even felt nervous "

Rich Porter

"I jumped for the first time for my 18th birthday and it was the most incredible experience ever. I was asked to use two words to describe how it felt and there are truly no words. It was breathtaking and everyone here is amazing. If you're ever considering Skydiving I encourage it 100%, you'll only regret it. Best birthday EVER!!!"


"It is exciting, I love it. Thanks for providing such a good project!"

ningxi He

"My instructor Mike was incredible! Funny AND extremely educated and confident in skydiving! Mike explained what was going to happen, so there were no surprises! The jump was an experience of a life time! NO roller coaster feeling at all! Just amazing views and the trill of being in the air! Gliding through a cloud was incredible! The pictures they took were AMAZING! I would DEFINITELY recommend everyone to try this amazing thrill of a lifetime! Thank you SkydiveCT.com! "


"One of the best experiences ever! My instructor, Mike, was very funny and made me feel safe and comfortable. Had a great photographer, David . Definitely coming back and convincing my friends to go! ""


"This was my 5th tandem jump with Walt Machalick. Each more fun than the preceding one.I know Walt and every one else puts themselves out for me and I really appreciate it. This was the end of a week of 90th Birthday celebrations for me. I will never forget it, Thanks for everything. Harriet "

Harriet Rocco

"My mom wanted to go tandem skydiving for her 50th birthday, and although it took us three tries to jump, due to weather, we finally were able to! There could be some improvement in the communication in the check in area (in particular about the availability of photographers per flight), but the instructors and photographers were FANTASTIC. My instructor walked me through every single thing that would happen, what I would need to do and when, asked if I had any questions, and was very professional. My mom and brother had the same experience. My mom additionally said she enjoyed the light atmosphere (no pun intended) of everyone kidding around and making sure she felt comfortable (she is terrified of planes. and heights.). Shout out to Keith Thivierge who took AMAZING photos of my jump! My mom was the last of us coming down and you could tell how much fun she had, despite her fear. Thanks CPI-Ellington for making it a birthday she (and we) will never forget!"


"I was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and friendly people. They made me feel comfortable when I was a little nervous. This was my first time skydiving and was a little special because it was on my bucket list. I just happen to wait until I was 62 to do this. Mike was my awesome tandem guide who made sure that I was comfortable and secure. He made sure to answer my questions, help me when I forgot what to do, and gave me a guided tour of the places on the ground that we saw on our decent, and even pretended to be nervous for my video before we jumped out of the plane. Dave was my video person who did a wonderful job with the questions and making friendly comments and animated. I would highly recommend CPI-Ellington to anyone who is interested in doing this for their bucket list. "

Carol Joly

"I had an absolutely amazing time doing my first tandem skydive! I came with family for what became an adventure of a lifetime! Everyone at Connecticut parachutists was super friendly, and inviting. We had many great and funny conversations with several staff members, they made us feel like part of the crew, even offering us sunscreen during our wait in the sunny airfield. Though we waited a few hours it felt like no time at all! It was like being at a family picnic! We all were made to feel so comfortable but weren't babied, we were treated like thrill seeking adults by the staff and shared so many laughs!My guide was Walt, who was gracious enough to hurtle himself out of an airplane, with me strapped to him, on his own birthday! Thank you again Walt ! Keith did my photos and video, and did an amazing job, interacting with me throughout the experience, and exhibiting a great sense of humor! The jump itself was almost indescribable... simply incredible in every way! I will definitely return to jump with my friends at Connecticut parachutists in the future, thank you all for your inviting and friendly demeanor, and for the incredible thrill of the jump! Until next time! "

Jeremy Gish

"Super impress !!! Nice staff great place. I come from Thailand, I love to find new thing to do and I found the wonderful place here! I'm so thankful to the best staff of CPI to made me happy with this awesome experience. Beautiful top view still showing in my eyes and keep telling me to do it again!!!! I'll jump again someday. This was my first time to jump but it'll not be my last time ! To... everybody who're making up your mind don't be worry in anything Just come feel free and Jump !!! you'll love skydive! let's touch real sky by skydive !!! Thank you so much to Mike and wonderful photos by Gioiella and whole staff at Connecticut Parachutists, Inc. Thank you so much."

Ploy suphan

"most amazing thrill in the world beyond birthing my 2 sons! i shared this experience with my 18 year old for his bday and senior weekend! what a great thing to do with him!!!!! highly reccomend and can't wait to jump asap again!!!!!!!!!!! staff were fun and wonderful and video so worth the cost!!!!!!! dave was great!!!!"

jen sullivan

"They were amazing...I was so nervous and scared yet excited at the same time. They boost my excitement and understood my nervousness. It was a great time and I'm so thankful I had some wonderful people to help with my first tandem jump! There was barely a wait and before I knew it I was up in the air & jumping out of a plane. My stills came out great, I wish I had some more up close shots of when I landed but over all I am very happy."


"First of all I have to say That was the most incredible experience I have ever had!!! Everyone at CPI was the Best. They were so friendly and made you feel so at ease. I can't wait to jump again. Big shout out to Mike and the whole staff at CPI !! See you again at 14,000 feet !! "

Anthony Crane

"And the best part, I got to share this amazing experience with my Amazing Daughter Amanda !!"

Anthony Crane

"What a thrill !!!! Nothing can compare !!! "

Kevin Quinn

"I must say in my 67yrs it was the most fun I have had with my clothes on.I plan on another tandem dive very soon. Regretfully I have to say I am very, very disappointed with the video and stills of my dive, compared to the other videos on your site. Everyone I met seemed very professional. I will see you all again."

Bernie Tompkins

"There's no question about it that this was the most incredible experience of my life thus far. Yes I am only 19, but I promise it is life changing. If you are even questioning jumping, do it, even if you're scared, do it. You won't regret it, my experience was awesome with my instructor Mike, and my videographer Keith. They were both fun to be around and made me feel comfortable and safe. As soon as I landed, my decision was instantaneous; I was going to get my license. I will be back to do so, and tandem jump again. Thank you for changing my views on my limits, "-the sky is not the limit, the ground is.""

Jenna Bart

"The MOST exhilarating experience ever! Walter I commend for an awesome/safe adventure! Will be back!"

Erica Porter

"I'm in! I'm all in!! It my third weekend's attempt (first two cancelled due to weather), and it was the last day of the summer season, so this was it. My first flight up was with Walt and his 35 years jumping with Mike. It was starting to look as if this weekend was going to be another bust because we got up to a ceiling that was too low for tandem, so we returned and waited... ...finally, the skies opened, and we got to jump from the full jump altitude! Every second of exhilarating speed was savored! Upon landing, I took advantage of the discounted additional jump fee and went again, this time with John. And again, another scintillating experience for the senses. So, naturally I found it hard to resist yet another tandem jump! All three were at full altitude, and all three were experiences to last a lifetime - except for me! I want my license!!"

Michael Vernon Davis

"There are lots of things that people want to do in life but never get around to. This should not be one of them. Did my first tandem jump with Ryan this past weekend and I'm hooked! What an amazing way to shake it up and get the blood flowing!! What a powerful experience! Already signed up to go again!"


"One of the best experiences ever! My instructor, Mike, was very funny and made me feel safe and comfortable. Had a great photographer, Chris. Definitely coming back and convincing my friends to go! "


"I have jumped once before but at a different location. My experience at CPI was by far better than any of my expectations. I had the time of my life with such an adrenaline rush and the gorgeous scenery. Thanks for a great time!! I'll be back soon!"


"I had always wanted to skydive. When a groupon became available, I thought it was a good time to go. Ryan my instructor was so patient and kind as he knew I was nervous. In fact everyone was wonderful: from the check in, to the instructor, to the videographer, to the people watching and waiting. It was such a nice experience - thank you!"


"Jumping out of a plane is incredible! My instructor, Michael, kept checking in with me which made me feel really safe and made the whole experience unforgettable. So glad I finally did it and already thinking of doing it again."


"By far the best experience I have ever had. Thanks to my awesome instructor I felt safe and had the time of my life. He really made sure I understood everything before we even got on the plane. Definitely considering doing it again - this time convincing my friends to join as well:) "


"By far one of the most exciting things I have ever done in my life. My instructor made me feel really comfortable and I did get scared before jumping for the first time but I had the best time of my life. Your first jump is just indescribable. I hope I can do it again soon and I am even considering getting my license! Love the CPI team very knowledgable and energetic! Keep up the good work and thanks for doing all you do!! "

Katherine Urena Pimentel

"Definitely one of the best experiences of my life! Just did my first jump this past weekend and the rush/feeling in the air was just amazing. My instructor definitely made me feel safe and comfortable, and walked me through each step to make sure that I felt secure and aware of what was happening. I would definitely want to go skydiving again!"


"My instructor was Ryan and he eased all my nerves and made me even more excited to get into the plane. I think the experience was better because of the amazing staff. I couldn't have asked for a better first skydive. I can't wait to go back! "




"My first jump was with Matt, and it was a great one! I felt safe jumping out of a plane with this instructor because I could tell he knew what he was doing. Also, he treated me like he already knew me, and was making jokes, which made the experience more enjoyable. "

Ana Peralta

"My instructor was Mike and he was awesome! Super nice guy(even though he had me wear the pink jumpsuit) made me feel safe the whole time. In the plane he picked up on nonverbal cues that I was nervous and calmed me down. Great interpersonal skills and really good at reading people! "

Carson Leon-gambetta

"By far the most exciting and exhilarating thing I've every done. The CPI team was so nice, professional, and very safety-conscious. They really enjoy what they do, as well as sharing the thrill and excitement with others. I went for my first tandem with my son, and neither of us could stop smiling. Can't wait to go back for our second jump."

Terri Chapman

"My instructor/tandem was Walt and my videographer was Koko, and they were both excellent. They made me feel safe and yet ready to have fun. I TOTALLY recommend this to everyone, regardless of age. This was my first jump, at age 66. DON'T WAIT THAT LONG!!! :-)"


"I first jumped in June and was scary, crazy nervous. When I got down, all I could say was "That was so crazy." And it was fun! I did my second dive the end of August and I was much more relaxed and it was incredibly much more fun all the way out and down and landing. Go for a second dive! (or more). "It's never as good as the first time,' doesn't apply to skydiving - IMHO."

Jim Fedoryk (The Hot Dog Guy)

"This was my 4th annual tandem with Walter Machalick. Loved it. Will try again next year if I am still here. I will be 90 yrs. old next July 2nd. HJR"

Harriet Rocco

"Scariest, and craziest thing I have ever done intentionally! I went tandem skydiving for the first time last weekend on my 51st Birth Day with my 19 year old son and his 2 friends. All 4 instructors were extremely professional, confidant and made our experience very exhilarating and not scary. Of course my son went right back up for a second dive immediately... Thank you CPI team. PS- Please use my name only as 'Dee V' if you publish online."

Defne Veral

"Skydive CT was a blast of adrenalin , going up with Kevin and Alex was fun and professional and on the way down was breath taking on the view and speed , the landing was great as soon I was on the ground I was ready to up again and jump with these guys again ! I defiantly recommend skydive CT !"

Rick Lessard

"I went skydiving the day before my 30th birthday. I couldn't have been any happier with my experience! My Instructor Mike was awesome and made me feel so confident and secure on our way up in the plane. The whole staff is very experienced and the entire atmosphere was calm and peaceful. The experience of the free fall gave me such self confidence and taught me to just let go. It was a truly life changing experience! I can't wait to go again tandem and maybe even start training for my license! I'm hooked! Thank you!"

Audrey V

"Amazing experience. The staff, the day and the skydiving experience couldn't have been better. The instructors were so supportive and talked you through the entire jumping process. The ride in the sky was incredible and I am glad that I chose Skydive CT. I am recommending you to all my friends who can't believe I jumped! Walt, thanks for being an awesome instructor."

Carol Pelligra

"The guys could tell I was a nervous wreck on the way up and did their best to get me to relax, joking around, and getting me excited for what turned out to be the scariest, most exhilerating thing I've ever done. Definitely recommending CPI to everyone! So glad I did it!"


"Very experienced staff who make you feel comfortable and excited. It was not as scary as I thought it would be, and now I want to do it again :)"


"Wow! Skydive CT knows how to make a lasting impression. I wanted to experience a sense of FREEDOM with a new intensity. "Free Falling" was phenomenal. Kevin, my tandem instructor was funny and I trusted him from start to finish. I am so glad I purchased the video package so I can relive the "Wow Factor". Thank you for an amazing day. P.S. Thank you Holly & Mercedes for joining me in creating the "WOW Factor""

Maryann T. Wallington

"What a great place. Staff was excellent will never go anywhere else"


"It was a amazing experience I had which I never forget in ma life. Can't wait to free fall again. The staff and instructors are so cool, supportive and encouraging. Thanks to everyone giving me such a great experience."

Nithun Baddam

"This was a lot of fun! Had been wanting to do this for YEARS and finally did! I wanted to thank Ryan for being a good instructor and helping out with advice along the way. Also Chris for the great video and he even included my long time friend Bob Smith at the end. It was a nice surprise thanks Chris! I hope to return another time though i live in FL ! Thanks to CPI for making it fun and joking around. I felt very comfortable and not at all afraid :)"

Cathy Edmonds

"It was the most amazing experience of my life. I once heard someone say that I would rather have 20 minutes of amazement than a life time of ho hum. I found my amazement. I will dive again. "

Sherri Rousseau

" This was one of the best experiences of my life, right up there with having two beautiful kids! Everyone was so nice and supportive it made the experience that much more exciting. I thank you all and I will return!"

Barbara Case

"If you are looking for the most exciting, blood pumping and "safe" adrenaline rush of your life, sign up with Connecticut Parachutists today. I had done 2 static line jumps years ago and really enjoyed it. But this "Free Fall" stuff is amazing. I went with my 22 year old son and there Is Nothing that compares for a father son bonding experience. The staff is awesome and the whole experience from location (This part of Connecticut is Beautiful) to the planes and the equipment get a 5 star rating. I freaken Love Free Fall and Connecticut Parachutists. "

Gregory Mendes

"I have jumped twice w/ CT Parachutists (three times overall) and each time has been fantastic. Matt is a great person to jump with and the whole experience is a total brain recalibration in the best way possible!!"

Kristin McJunkins

"Just an all around amazing experience! This was my first jump and I loved it! Mike & Alex (well, maybe not Alex so much ;) ) made me feel comfortable and confident from beginning to end. My pictures are incredible, too. The entire staff was wonderful... I'd go back just to hang out with everyone! And I'd definitely jump again.... The experience of a lifetime! Big thanks and hugs to everyone!"


"I was 60 yrs old when I took my jump with Mike on Labor Day 2012. I was able to jump with my son and it was the experience of a lifetime. Even though we had to take off two times cause of weather, the staff made the wait go fast and relaxing, can't wait to do it again."


"An amazing experience. 100% breathtaking... :)"


"From beginning to end, they put me at ease with their humor. It was a crazy thrill ride! Thank you Walt for being an amazing and calming instructor!"

Allison Hughes

"I did my first tandem jump on 10/20/13! Was soo nervous until I met my instructor Mike, he made me feel safe so it let me enjoy the whole experience! No wait time at all, was able to get things going as soon as I arrived and before I knew it I was already on the plane! So much fun, hands down best experience of my life! Definitely would jump again with Skydive CT"

Sam B

"OMG. U guys r awesome. Kim and I had a great time! So nice and funny and calm. BUT 3 oclock jump didnt happen til 6. Kind of a bummer! Maybe solos could wait til tandems done? Or a text that was gonna be later? When called at 130p didnt say was running late!"


"My skydiving experience was INCREDIBLE!! The team at SkydiveCT is professional, funny, and on the ball. I felt completely safe, and I was jumping out of an airplane! This is an experience everyone should have at least once in their lifetime. I can't wait to jump again!"

Megan Reile

"As soon as you get there you are treated like family, the jokes come before the introductions which makes you forget you Are about to jump out of a plane 2.5 miles up. The experience is priceless and the feeling is like no other, clear mind and a huge smile. I have an extreme fear of heights and now that is gone and I can't wait to take the A license class ! All you have to do is trust your tandem instructor and enjoy the ride!"

Dave Kovacs

"As soon as you get there you are treated like family, the jokes come before the introductions which makes you forget you Are about to jump out of a plane 2.5 miles up. The experience is priceless and the feeling is like no other, clear mind and a huge smile. I have an extreme fear of heights and now that is gone and I can't wait to take the A license class ! All you have to do is trust your tandem instructor and enjoy the ride!"

Dave Kovacs

"Skydiving was incredible- everyone should have this experience at some point in there lives. It was absolutely surreal. The people were all so friendly and funny- really great at making you feel More comfortable! I would definitely recommend this company"

Nicole Roman

"After wanting to go skydiving for 3 year, I finally made the appointment. My jump was on the 11th of August, a nice birthday present to my self. The staff was just amazing and incredibly friendly. The jump .... simply amazing, there is just no other word to describe it. It has got to be the best experience of my life. I'm already planning another jump next month and I'm truly hooked!!!"

Justin Lynch

"I had my first tandem jump on 8/10/13 and it was one of the most exciting events of my life up to date. Everyone was so friendly and helpful, making my experience above and beyond what I was expecting. I will hopefully be back soon to get my license. Thanks everyone!"

Stacey Mucha

"My tandem jump on 8/2/13 was the culmination of a twenty five year dream. The staff was fantastic! The equipment looked very new. The jump out of the airplane was worth the twenty five year wait! Hope to be able to become a licensed parachutist! Thanks to everyone for what I believe will be a life altering experience!"

To Sebold

" I really enjoyed my jump on 27 July of this year. your organization is well run and everything was in a timely and easily understood fashion. I cannot wait to make another jump as soon as I determine the proper date. Thank you very much again for a great day."

Dennis Martin

"What an amazing experience & truly was the time of my life! Skydiving was all that I expected & some! Everyone was so welcoming & made me feel very comfortable...almost too comfortable because I really wasn't scared! My instructor Lindsay was awesome, very knowledgeable, professional, friendly & funny. I'm definitely going again & signing up for the AFF program to become a Licensed Skydiver! So excited!"


"Hands down, best experience of my life! It was so much fun. Mike was my instructor and he was awesome! He was very down to earth, comforting and funny at the same time! The pictures came out amazingly! (Thanks Alex)!! I am addicted, i'll be coming back soon! If you have the chance to do it, your first experience should be with CPI!"


"Skydiving was everything everyone who had done it said it would be. I loved every minute, even stepping out of "a perfectly good airplane." I had complete confidence in my tandem instructor, Mike Haas, which made my first jump a great experience and an awesome memory to keep for my 50th birthday. I'm hooked!"

Kathy Kelting

"Hi I had a great experience and would like to go again but will save up and take a course because i want to go on my own next time. I hope the tandem jump I did counts till next summer when I can take the class. loved it!!!! Everyone should skydive!"

Michelle Edler

"As it being my skydive experience I would not have wanted to experience it anywhere else. I had an amazing jump with an awesome instructor!!! Cannot wait for jump #2 and many more!!"


"Thanks we had an amazing day. The weather was perfect and the jump was phenomenal. I absolutely loved it and can't wait to do it again. Time to sign up for the AFF program because I assume it only gets better from here ;-) Looking forward to my next view from above the clouds. Mike M"

mike m

"I had a great time and experience with Ct. Parachutists. Everything that is a once in a lifetime experience for us is natural for these guys, and they make it natural feeling for you. Big thanks to Mike and everyone else! Hope to see you all again!"

Andy Z.

"This truly was one of the greatest experiences of my life. My instructor Mike was great, and I would love to do it again. At no point did I feel anything less than perfectly safe, and you guys do a great job of making a wonderful experience to be treasured forever. Thank you for this. "

Jim B.

"Ahhhh, where to begin. My Instructor, Mike Haas, was INCREDIBLE!!! Today, June 15th, 2013 was my first jump. I was more excited than anything but of course had concerns and he catered to them. He was so down to earth, comforting, thorough, professional, did everything he said he was going to do, explained why he was doing it and overall a BLAST to jumo with. When I go again, I am requesting him as my partner. I have never felt such an adrenaline rush like I did today. The jump, free fall, the view, the landing, everything was pure ecstasy!! Thank you, Mike for making my first time better than I imagined. You rock!! ~Lisa~ :o)"

Lisa M. Heslin

"AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! Can't say that enough! Was an experience I'll never forget. My daughter and I had the time of our lives! Now we are telling friends to try! One advice I have is that my hearing aids almost fell out. So I would suggest either taking them off before skydiving or put a helmet over them. Thanks Mike Haas, Mike Hennesy, and Eveyln for making the experience out of the world! :) Thinking about going back for another jump! "

Kelly Bishop

"For his 21st birthday my son wanted to go skydiving and asked if I'd join him. I reluctantly agreed and am so glad that i did. He clearly enjoyed the experience more than I, but it was an awesome day for both of us. Justin and Lindsay were so professional in preparing us for our jump and the pictures and videos taken by Chris and Alex will ensure that we will always have a record of this very special day. Thanks to all of you. Dave and Conor"

Dave & Conor

"Simply something that everyone should do, and this is the place to do it! Thank you to Mike and everyone for the experience of a lifetime. I'll be back!"


"I had a great time. Mike understood that I was very nervous and helped me feel at ease. Everyone was very professional and WOW what a fantastic Memorial Day experience. Thanks!"


"This was a great experience. CPI is super professional and friendly. I took my son out for some 1-on-1 time and it was great. This was our first jump (May18/2013) and although I had some concerns at first CPI made us feel at ease very fast. We will do it again! "


"Jumped with Walt on 5/19/13 and totally loved it! Ready to go again; just have to figure out when. My son also jumped and he loved it too. Thanks for the thrill of a lifetime!"

Hrotswitha Bergendahl

"Absolutely awesome !!!! Did my first tandem jump on May 5, 2013 with my son who turned 18 a couple months ago. What a great experience! Had Justin as my instructor and he thoroughly prepared me for everything leading up to the actual jump. And then what an adrenaline rush when you first jump out of the plane and "free fall" for about 50 seconds. Once the chute opened, it was such a clear day - we were able to see Gampel Pavilion and the City of Hartford. I had the opportunity to briefly "drive" and feel how the paracute handled and then Justin brought us in for a perfect landing. Thanks again for a great ride !!"

Todd Goodall

"I did my first tandem jump on July 9 2011 it was the greatest thing I have ever done , Nick & Alex you were the greatest , I am 55 years old and can't wait to do it again, thanks again for a great ride. "

Russell Cyr

"What an adventure. At 55 I wasn't sure if this was what I really should be doing. The drive to Ellington was certainly full of anxiety. But after arriving at the jump center & having to wait a while, anxiety quickly turn to being anxious. Watching so many land with the softness of a feather drifting to the ground & jumping up in joy with thrilled cheers truly helped change my fears. Tandem participants before me included a 69 year old retire bank exec & his son, a 37 y/o gal who got the jump as a birthday present & a freshman from UConn who has been here only 3 weeks from China. Watching the range of folks return safely & exhilarated truly took most fears away & really got me excited to go. My 'backpack' was Larry, an instructor with over 2500 jumps. Well, to say the least....13,500'....a quick push...falling at 162mph for about 60 seconds & then a 5 minute glide home was amazing. Larry pointed out all the sites & truly calmed any fears that may have lingered. Bottom line.....an experience that cannot be replaced or forgotten! A must for all!!!! "

Brian Reich

"Awesome experience!! I have been wanting to sky dive since I went bungie jumping at 19. It was a great 35th birthday present from my boyfriend. Thankyou honey! It only took me 16 years to do it. Thankyou so much to the staff and especially Mike Haas and Alex. You guys are the best. I can't wait to do it again. Mike, maybe we can get Scot Haney to jump with us next time! LOL. "


"Today was my first Tandem sky diving and it was awesome. Actually I was supposed to jump on Saturday, but due to weather had to make it today. But it was worth the wait I guess. Twice waiting got my fears little low and Walt was great instructor. To be frank all instructors seemed very professional and knew how to comfort others. But my main interaction with Walt was just great. And Alfonso did a good job with video and pictures. In and all I would recommend this place to anyone for their first Tandem sky diving. And I am already thinking of going back for the Halloween costume jump as a Zombie. Wish I could do moon walk ;)"

Prem Rajani

"Incredible is an understatement! :) I would recommend everyone to this place. They are soo nice and do everything they can to calm you down and enjoy the entire experience. I did my first tandem skydive on August 4th, two days after my 20th birthday and lets just say, nothings ever beating that birthday present! I'm supposed to be receiving my video and pictures ANY day now and I CAN'T WAIT! :D I would love to go again next summer! Thank you everyone at Connecticut Parachutists for helping me cross one of my all time favorite life goals off my list. Doesn't mean I won't be back though :)"

Vicky Wasilewski

"What a Day!!! Thank you Matt for a great experience.. I was suitably scared and enthralled at the same time(!!!???). The latin phrase comes to mind,,,, "Elan Vital" Yeah, yeah!!!, so go check it out...!!!When it is said "be IN THE NOW">>> oh my God,,, falling (pulled?) out of the plane is totally in the now.. You cannot have any other thoughts or feelings than the immediate sensation of FALLING. However, in the knowledge that behind you is an experienced expert connected to the same life-life does dissipate the fear factor rather quickly, so that then you can just totally get into the sensation of the experience....Thanks again to Matt and Coco, now if only I can escape from the wife for a while I will be back....Thank you, Thank you Thank you.... Albion.... "

Albion Watts

"I just did my tandem jump my instructor was nick and Alex was the video guy and holy crap these guys are great they made my hole experience the greatest thing I have ever done, the wait was worth it. My daughters boy friend also had a great time , "

Russ Cyr



"Holy Cow! Had my first tandem jump today and I think I will be flying for a week off of the adrenaline rush! I was so nervous beforehand....soooo nervous! But, Walt was amazing! So professional and aware of my impending hysteria that he reviewed instructions until I was comfortable and let me know every step of the way what was happening. It calmed me down and made the experience amazing and worth every penny! I cannot wait to do it again...hopefully sooner than later. Oh, and Jess was an awesome video girl! Thanks so much!!"

MaryAnne Longo

"I just did my first Tandem Skydive on Sunday June 26th and I was terrified, the people at CT Parachutist were very friendly and helped me relax and get over my fears quickly. I recommend this place to everyone, I had a fantastic experience and can't wait to go back!!"

Lisa Harper

"I took my first tandem jump on Sunday, June 6 and I don't regret a single moment. It was without a doubt, the thrill of lifetime. My instructor Mike Haas was super...had total care and regard for my safety, but also maintained a great sense of humor to put me at ease. I felt totally comfortable. I think Dave was my photographer and hats off to him as well - I can't wait to see the video and the rest of the pics. Until then, I will be proudly showing off my 8x10 I was sent home with. Thank you again to all the staff - it was a beautiful day and an adventure I plan on doing again. Enjoy your summer - you guys are awesome."

Linda Dwy

"I choose to skydive for my 25th birthday and it was amazing. I went with my Fiancé Adam and at 13,500 feet we jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, strapped to a person we just meet.[IT WAS AWESOME] Thanks so much to my BEST FRIEND "Mike Hennesy" I felt so safe in your hands! To my Photographer Jess I had a blast, thank you so much for jumping out of a plane just to take pictures and video coverage of me :) Whenever we come back I’d love to get paired with you again; however I’ll make sure to eat something before we jump lol hahaha:). Thanks again Mike H and Jess I will have this memory for a lifetime you both rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Your best friend Keri-Ann Lagueux [6-4-11] "

Keri-Ann Lagueux

"The jump was phenomenal, but the most significant thing about the experience was the concern of the staff for safety, their genuine interest in making this a memorable experience, and their total commitment to the client. I'll be back."

Mike Lantiere

"My first jump was last year from 10,500 feet and was amazing. Just did the jump again with Brian as my tandem instructor from 14,000 feet and am really thinking about starting to train in the Spring. In any case will be back in the Spring for another jump! One of THE most amazing experiences of my life! Thanks Brian for a great jump!"


"I went skydiving on 10.10.10, Brian was my instructor and Alex was my video guy and it was the best day of my life..BEST Experience...Very Professional..A+..I would totally recommend this to anyone! I can't wait until the season opens again to begin skydiving classes..I want to learn from the BEST! Thanks again Brian & Alex it was such a great FUN..DAY! Many laughs...It was a jump in honor of Larry Mitchell!"

Kimberly Butler Battista

"What an amazing time and beautiful weather!! Mike was amazing and made me feel so comfortable and I had the time of my life - Thanks again and can't wait to see the rest of the pictures and the video!!"


"Loved the fun staff and professionalism. Had the best time ever and cannot wait to come back and do it again. Thanks Mike for an AWESOME ride. "


"Skydiving has always been a passion for me since i was 12 years old. I must say that i had the best time of my life here at the Connecticut Parachutists. Inc. All the staff were so kind and informative about my jump. My instuctor Mike was so awesome. He made my jump fun and kept the situation rolling. This place is the best. I would highly reccommend anyone that wants to feel comfortable,safe, and have a lot of fun to come to the Connecticut Parachutists. Inc, You wont be disappointed."

Lillo Brancato

"Ever since I was 13 I have wanted to go skydiving, unfortunately I had to wait until I turned 18. This past sunday I finally went for a jump. It was AMAZING!!! There is no other feeling like it, I cannot wait to go again. Thank you Mark and Alex for everything! This was truely the greatest thing I have done in my life."

Jay Zanella

"I've wanting to jump ever since my senior year in college, but something always came up. But this pasr Saturday I decided to celebrate my 56th birthday with making my first jump after waiting 34 years. What a blast! Everybody at CT Parachutist was class A professionals, you made it fun and less scary than I thought it would be. I would recommend your company to anyone who wanted to make their first jump. thanks Mike and Alex."

Ed Perkowski

"My Dad has always been my hero and to share that day you orchestrated so spontaneously for him gives credit to the great Americans you are. You took a risk and let him fly again. I guess that is what you do best. Risk takers with hearts as big as the sky. Thanks you for letting us both soar. Roger having it all captured on video is priceless and Mike and Matt I could have never done it without you!"

Donna Lajterman

"I went sky diving on this past sunday it was the most amazing thing I have ever done. Everyone there was extremely nice and helpful, my instructor Jimmy was the best he is awesome and he made me feel safe the whole time. U guys are the best I can't wait to see the video thanks guys. sheena "

Sheena O'Reilly

"What a rush! Rachel and I went into this thinking we are only going to do this once in our lives. Now we are looking to clear the calendar so we can jump again (maybe AFF someday). Mike Hennesy, Larry Mitchell, Chris Graves, and Roger were consummate professionals and made us feel as comfortable as possible. Excellent work! It is hard to put the experience into words. Its like potato chips, you cant have just one. Anyone reading this that is on the fence, JUST DO IT!"


"WHAT A THRILL!! It's worth it to face your fears and just do it!! AHHHH!!! Me, Jess, Ryan and Taylor are coming back in 2 weeks to do it all over again!! Can't wait!! "


"Took my 1st jump today. The thrill of a lifetime!!! Cannot wait to come back and do it again. "


"I was just watching the video of my first skydive from a few years ago and it felt like just yesterday reliving the whole experience. Nick was a great person to tandem with, explaining everything beforehand, and Izzo shot a terrific video that fills me with many great memories. My regret is not doing again with them before I moved away."

Julio Vega

"Me and my father went today and it was the best experience of my life. I can't wait to do it again!"

Chris J

"why did i wait so long. this was the greatest thrill of my life. one jump and im hooked. ill be back for whole package. thanks ron"

ron lanigan

"i just wanted to try it once, now this is all i can think about :-) "


"Mike H - I can't believe I did that! It was the awesomest thing ever! Thank you! My only regret was not getting a video...I'll have to come back."


"This was my first tandem skydive and when it was over, all I could think of was "AGAIN"! Jimmy was great, very knowledgeable, professional and easygoing. Thanks for making it a great 40th birthday! "

Cheryl Bucior

"Thank you soooo much for making my first jump the most amazing experience of my life! Matt, you are the best!!! I will definitely be back!!!"


"Thank You Mike H. This was my first jump and trust me I will be back. It was **cking Awsome."


"This was my third tandem and my second with Nick! Thank you Nick for making my dive the best one yet!! It was awesome! See you next year!"

Michelle Wink

"Mike Hennesy helped me to actually enjoy skydiving again! Thank you so much for your expertise and professionalism. You're not old & ugly. You're my hero! :)"

Shannon Smith

"Ditto to all that Penny said below - thanks to you all for making my first skydive such a terrific experience !! Much appreciation to Matt and Roger (aka RPM) too ! WE WILL BE BACK"

Susan Guardino

"AMAZING! Haas, Jason, and Nick Thanks for making my first, but not last jump an unbelievable experience. Great group of people who made the wait...(tailgating was fun Hass and Jason!!) and the actual jump a once in life time experience! peace out-penny"


"OOPS!! How could I forget Rip Chord!!!! one word CRAZY!! "


"OH MAN, that stuff is better than anything out there, WOW, skydiving is so amazingly crazy, it feels sooooooo good up in the air, and than the float with a chute, oh, unbelivable...DO IT!!!!"


"Thank you for making Larry's Birthday gift the best ever! Mike Haas, you are a great instructor and Jim Oke, your video is beyond words. We CAN'T stop watching it! We'll be back! "


"Tandem master Bob and his son Brian, aka "Iggy" are the best. My niece, nephew and I had a great time in July. I'm coming back this weekend for another fix with the "crew". Bob gave me one of the best rides around and Brian did a super job on the video (good tunes guy). Hope to see you this weekend. Brian Labowksy"

Brian Labowsky



"Thank you for the experience. Jump Master Bob was awesome - I was TERRIFIED...beyone words...and he made this one of the best experiences of my life! Thanks to everyone at CPI. I'll be back soon!!!! "


"All of the Fire fighters Thank You! We all Loved it. Thank You for making our personal experience of First Time Skydiving so exhilerating and comfortable, even the camera man was awsome. I watch my Video every month. This will become a Hobby! You could never Know what it's like, Until you Jump!-Nikki "

Nikki Goodwin

" The feeling of jumping out of a plane is absolutely awesome!!!!! All the people at CPI were friendly the video guy did a great job, I'm hooked and can't wait to get my license!!!!!!!!!!! "


"I could not have picked a better way to spend my 18th birthday. Everyone at CPI made my first skydiving experience the best it could be and I can't wait to do it again. Thanks CPI!!@"


"It was absolutely awesome! My sister and I plan on jumping again in a couple of weeks. Everyone at CPI made us feel comfortable and relaxed. I can't wait to do it again...."


"Thanks to everyone at CPI!!! I had a great time, everyone there is very friendly and make you feel right at home. Special thanks to Mike Haas for an awesome dive, it was truly one of the best things I have done, Thanks again!!!!! Also thanks to Jim Oke for an incredible video, I love it!!!!! My jump was on the 28 of May 2005, and I cant wait to do it again soon!!! Mary G "

Mary Gannon

"4 days after my 18th birthday and I fell from the sky... Best day of my life. Thanks Janelle, Bill and dad. I will return!"


"Seriously, the best thing I've ever done. The instructors were awesome and friendlyt. The calmest moment of my life was right before we dove out. It was amazing. I can't wait to do it again. Thanks guys!"

Kristin Gelderman

"what a rush!! matt was great and I didnt feel too nervous the whole time. What an incredible view, the trees changing in fall and all those people on the turnpike looking out the windows of their cars? The view starts at 14,000 ft'"

jeffrey bernhard

"THANK YOU!!!! My jump was thrilling and more fun than I ever imagined, I am still high!! Billy and Oke you are great!!! CPI your expertise and concern for safety was evident from the minute we arrived. My tandem instructor, Janel was calm & confident,because of her,I felt the same way!! Thank you all for helping me experience a life's desire!! Denise Fusaro 10/2/2004"

Denise Fusaro

"Surreal and amazing! Skydiving was one of the best experiences of my life. It left me excited and wanting more. Can't wait to go back."

Dana Patoine

"my parents gave me a tandem dive for my 19th birthday and it was the best birthday gift i ever received ...the video was fantastic..now i want my dad to go with me next time..andrea "

andrea poskus

"WOW!! 7-11-04, I'll never forget that day, by far the most AMAZING experience of my life...absolutely insane and loved every minute of it!! Thanks so much to Mike Haas and my camera guy Brian, you guys are the bomb!! I'll be back, real soon!! :)"


"It was the most exhilarating, incredible, unbelievable, surreal experience of my life! Words honestly cannot encapsulate this feeling!! I honestly recommend this to anyone and everyone. It's AWESOME!"


"I can't believe I waited this long to do my first jump! Such a life changing experience! No fear - just thrills! Big thanks to Brian and Matt! See you guys soon!"

Tracie Witts

"Thank you CPI for making my daughters Bachelorette Party such a success. The laughter, smiles and good times will never be forgotten and when we brought some pictures the next day at the rehearsal dinner everyone gathered around to see themselves and friends having a lifelong experience and a really great time. Everywhere I go I hear hey! I hear you made the jump. How was it?.... AWESOME!!!! DO IT! Mother of the Bride ANNA Thanks Mike for changing my life. "

anna eble

"This was the best experience of my life, and I cannot wait to make my second jump."


"AWESOME......Mike, thanks, you were great!!! One of my life's dreams was to jump and all of you there are fantastic! I'll be back!!! May 30, 2004"

Jayne Gillotti

"April 20th, 2004this date is printed in my mind for ever, a week ago I made my 1st tandem-jump! I can't stop thinking about it. A mix of wonder and fright, we can't find this feeling anywhere else. Millions thanks to Jim Hoke, he made me feel so comfortable and confident, love you Jim! Hope you'll be there for my next jump, you're the best! Florence Vailhen from St-Donat, QC, Canada "

florence vailhen

"What a life-enhancing experience! The dive was a perfect blend of adrenaline and peace. The guys and gals at CPI are incredible. A special thanks to Jim for the instruction, Mike for being a great tandem master and Festi for the great photos and video. I"


"What a rush! So much thanks to Larry and my camera guy Jim! I laughed, I cried, I jumped and I loved every second of it!"


"Thanks again for the awesome experience, the 2nd time was even better than the first. Mike was a great tandem instructor and the views are unforgettable... it's something everyone should do!!!!"

Jennifer Suttile

"Special thanks to Michael Haas for making my first jump an awesome experience. The excitement begins at 14,000 feet."


"The entire experince was great, the jump was amazing and the staff was so friendly. I can't wait until my second jump!"

Joni Arvai

"It was the craziest fun ever! Nothing on OR off the planet is as fun - be prepared to become addicted!"


"CPI is the best! I had the best time and everyone is awesome!! SKYDIVE!!!!!!! Lisa is the best pilot ever!!!! love you!"

Jen Haczynski

"Totally indescribable. The Sky is the limit....For now! Thanks for the fulfillment of a life time dream.... You ALL at CPI rock!!!!!!!!"


"it a while, anxiety quickly turn to being anxious. Watching so many land with the softness of a feather drifting to the ground & jumping up in joy with thrilled cheers truly helped change my fears. Tandem participants before me included a 69 year old retire bank exec & his son, a 37 y/o gal who got the jump as a birthday present & a freshman from UConn who has been here only 3 weeks from China. Watching the range of folks return safely & exhilarated truly took most fears away & really got me excited to go. My 'backpack' was Larry, an instructor"

Rob Szabo